How a Home First Aid Kit Can Save Your Life

A first aid kit is important to have in our homes, regardless of age and good health status. However, seniors need a well stocked and accessible first aid kit; because, we are more prone to injuries. It’s just a smart and wise thing to have, not only to treat ourselves, but for anyone who might get injured in our home.

All of us have a “medicine cabinet” in our homes where things like aspirin, bandages, alcohol, are housed. While these things are important to have in a first aid kit, a well stocked first aid kit includes more. Also, while keeping such items in the “medicine cabinet,” allows for accessibility, having a complete first aid kit in its own container and nearby in additional locations in our home, for example, the bedside and kitchen is wise.

A well-stocked first aid kit can be basic or personalized. It can be bought ready-made or created to suit personal needs. It should be well-organized and compartmentalized, so that needed items can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Items in the first aid kit must be monitored. Take regular stock of what is getting low, needs to be replaced, or what needs to be added. Look at expiration dates on items. Ingredients become more weak and ineffective as it nears and are over expiration dates.


Recently, I purchased two first aid kits from a retail pharmacy, which has come in handy. Several times for urgent care, I was able to prevent further complications. In my lifetime, before that purchase, I am sure I have seen many first aid kits for sale as I shopped in stores. However, I think because I am now a senior, I am paying more attention to such items.

I recommend first aid kits for all seniors. Many are available, and can be purchased online or at retail stores. Of course, online has a greater selection and wider price points. Having several, located throughout the house is a wise strategy. Each one can include essentials or individualized, or a combination. Individualized kits include speciality home care items, for example: medication, blood pressure monitors, inhalers, etc. These may also be called Medical Kits.

My Top Five Reasons Seniors Need First Aid Kits:

  1. Older adults are more prone to injuries
  2. Seniors take charge of their health and well-being
  3. Provide immediate aid and remedies, until further treatment, if needed
  4. Prevents further complications; and can save lives
  5. Cost effective

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