How Does Heart Health Look for Women Ages 50 and Over?

It’s February; the time of year when there is a major focus on the figurative of the heart: love, romance, the color red, passion, chocolate, Valentine’s Day Cards and decorations, champagne, strawberries. Also, it’s about the heart. When we talk about the heart, it is both literal and figurative. However, it is the literal that is most important. We need heart health to live life fully (literal) to express our feelings, thoughts, and desires of “the heart” (figurative). So, while we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of the bells and whistles, it is important to use moderation, little to none, in some cases.

What’s New and What We Know For Sure

Did you know that new research about women and heart disease doctors now recognize that women are just as likely as men to experience classic signs/symptoms of heart attack. (Read more Women and Heart Disease). What is heart health, especially for women age 50 and over? As mature women, we want to keep on top of our numbers and keep a normal range for preventive health and wellness. For sure it is when your:

New research reveals that women have the “classic symptoms” as males, in addition to typical symptoms in females.
  • Blood pressure is in control (Normal is 120/80)
  • Cholesterol is low. (HDL, good cholesterol, for women is 50 mg/dl)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) is ideal (18-24.9 is normal for adults)

How Do We Stay On Top of Our Numbers

What does it mean to stay on top of our numbers? It is a mean for prevention. I promote that health and wellness is in our hands. Nowadays, there are many ways, devices and tools to aid us. For example:

  • For blood pressure we can use at home blood pressure monitors. Read this article in Forbes to learn about the 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors you can buy.
  • For cholesterol monitoring, learn more about the best test kits of 2022
  • For BMI monitoring, I suggest any video on youtube or a government health website for seniors or women

If we find that monitoring continues to be out of control, it’s time to look at our lifestyle more closely to see what we have to do to get back on track. If we are experiencing pain and other symptoms that have lingered, it’s to seek our health and wellness practitioners. While some people prefer doctors and hospitals; other people, especially those who practice natural living, who are vegans and vegetarians, prefer naturopaths and alternative medicine practitioner, who have their own clinics and offices.

Resources for Prevention Now

Office on Womens Health

I recommend the above resource because it is user friendly. It regards many aspects in question and answer form. It provides resources that you can impliment immediately for disease prevention. Overall, it is a great health tool for women. While it does include meat and dairy, I don’t promote that aspect of this resource. Interestingly, it does have a vegetarian healthy eating module too. So, use it for your own lifestyle and learn more about other eating styles.

Stay tuned for a follow up post for Heart Health, in which I will reveal various secrets, remedies, and tools that I use.

Live Natural, Be Ageless!

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