The Eleventh Month Body Regeneration: What That Means For Well-Being

Interestingly, up until recently, I ate heartily, and anything I wanted. However, I began to notice that when I ate substantially, the food became stagnant throughout my digestive system, different from being bloated or having indigestion. I felt backed up, and physically I felt sluggish. However, that feeling subsided, once the food digested completely. Yet, I continued to consume substantial amounts of food, of course, getting the same results. Well, I have a birthday coming up and maybe this is time to recall that the body actually regenerates every 11 months. This is a time for me to fine tune my food consumption even more.

Research shows as we mature in age, our bodies demand/require less calories because of a decreased metabolic rate. It’s normal. It is important to know that our appetite and metabolism do not stay the same, but, change throughout the lifespan. The kind of food consumed is important, e.g. nutrient dense (even more so for older adults). My body has arrived at the phase of not wanting/needing to consume as much. (It’s always been about portion control, hasn’t it)? While always vegan, I confess that rich, heavy, fried, and prepared/process foods are the type of foods I consume. Over the holidays, I really overindulged in bakery, crackers, breads, and quick foods. Just after Christmas, I noticed that even one slice of my favorite Vegan Key Lime Cheese Cake, went down very slow and I felt congested. Also, food combining got out of control. So, the types of food consumed have to be looked at as we advance in age.

A Few Natural Livng Suggestions:

  • Stay in tune with your body Pay attention to when your body starts functioning differently and take action. Remember every 11 months, our bodies completes a regeneration process. Might this be for better or worse? I think it depends. It’s for better, if we pay attention; it’s for worse, if we don’t pay attention.
  • Stay hydrated. Water: aids in metabolization, regulates body temperature, helps digest food, aids removal of waste. I actually learned that as we age, we must be MORE intentional in staying hydrated. We can get water in our foods too. (Health secret: The color of your urine reveals level of hydration. Dark=dehydrated | Medium=Hydrated; yet drink more water | Light=Hydrated). Learn more.
  • Consume Nutrient Dense Foods. Remember, with increased age (50 and over) appetite and metabolism decline. Juicing allows nutrients to enter the bloodstream immediately, providing tremendous life-enhancing health results instantly. It is easy on the digestion and easy to metabolize, as well as satiates the appetite.
  • Eat slowly. If masticating is a problem, mechanically alter the food by dicing in small pieces or pureeing. (I have always been a fast eater; this is no longer an option because of slower digestion and metabolism).
  • Avoid consuming cold foods and drinks. I think this is the worse type of consumption because it is a major contributor to digestive disfunctions. ( I have loved eating cold/refrigerated food since youthhood, especially, cold pizza, spagetti, macaroni, it didn’t matter. It just tasted good. But, it wasn’t good for my digestion; and now, being over 50, with a declining metabolism and appetite, it makes sense to make a change. I notice that even a small portion of cold potato salad goes down slow. (Health Secret: I use Bromelain (Digestive enzymes) and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, to help with digestion. Also, did you know that “stomach growling” is actually the sound of digestion of food in your intestines? It’s an embarrassment to people; but, it is a natural occurance and a positive sign that our digestive system is breaking down the food).
  • Practice Acupressure. This technique requires little to no effort of movement. It can be done lying or sitting down. It produces fast results. A great resource is youtube, of course. Also, books by Michael Reed Gach are extremely helpful and valueable. (I have several in my library. I highly recommend: Acupressure’s Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments). It’s like an A to Z directory.
  • Practice Qi Gong. Countless older Asian adults practice Qi Gong. For centuries, it has been the most elite form of practice for prevention and longevity in existence. Youtube is full of teachers of the health modality. It provides instant and radical results. It works inside and outside, spirit, mind, and body. Learn more from books and media. (I use this often, with little effort and time and get fast, lasting results).

As we advance in age, our bodies change. We have the power to direct that change, if we stay in tune with our bodies. The way we consume foods have to meet the needs of our new body; remember, the body regenerates every 11 months. So, around your birthday, you will feel a metamophosis, if you will. Pay attention; your body, mind, and spirit is trying to tell you something. Paying attention ensures longevity and ageless living. If we don’t pay attention, it creates more and more disasterous effects, over time. We have the power for prevention and cure, within us.

Live Natural, Be Ageless!

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