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Ms. Vichy of Pink and Prime, and Veganista

Do you want to be ageless–But, your hair is falling out, skin sagging, nails brittle, muscles and joints stiff, immune system is weak, and digestion is poor? Interestingly, as age increases, beginning at 20, these and other symptoms are experienced by many women. Yet, this does not have to be true!

In the body, there is a naturally produced protein called Collagen. It keeps various body parts strong and elastic, i.e.: Skin, hair, nails, bones, blood vessels, cartilage, tendons, immune system, and intestines. However, as age increases, collagen production decreases, beginning around age 20.

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Collagen supplements, in various forms, are available to ensure maintenance. Until, recent years, the source of supplements were mainly derived from animal sources: Pigs, cows, and fish. Now, there is plant-based, vegan, animal-free collagen!

Does plant-based collagen work?

Foremost, even when the body is fully and normally producing collagen, it needs a healthy consumption of nutrients from fruit and vegetables, grains (e.g., non white rice), and nuts. It is important to maintain consumption of such food sources that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, e.g.: Vitamin C, copper, zinc, etc., to increase collagen production as age increases. So, it is important to aid the work of supplements.

What supplements are best?

While it is phenomenal that vegans and plant-based consumers have tremendous options, it can be challenging to make a choice. I recommend the following process:

  1. Decide what form of supplement you want to take. (I prefer powder form, to make blended drinks, e.g. Smoothies).
  2. Research the brands available. It is important to know the ingredients used. For example, does it contain: Vitamin c, zinc, amino-acids, bamboo extract? You want ingredients that are natural and give the best results.
  3. Notice the results. Look at your skin, hair, and nails; notice if you have a glow and youthful appearance. Notice if your joints, digestion, immune system, and body functions without difficulty. Keep records, with pictures and journaling.
  4. Learn more about collagen. This article intends to uncover a hidden secret of health and wellness, and inspire more understanding. Watch videos, read periodicals, and visit websites, especially those that are vegan friendly. Discover the various natural “whole foods” that are available. (I recommend using a juicer for the highest yield of nutrients that go immediately into the blood stream and body system). Remember, the most human and eco-friendly forms are plant-based/vegan. Please, beware of products that have an animal/plant-based mix. Read labels!

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