Ruth’s Magical Garden: The Intersection of Womanhood, Mother Nature, and Landscaping

Do you love gardens? Do you love succulent plants? Then, you might love this garden that I just learned about today! I called it Ruth’s Magical Garden. However, the official name is The Ruth Bancroft Garden located in Walnut Creek, California.

Why I Love Gardens and Conservatories

I love gardens, even though I am not a gardener, and never had a garden of my own. I do love to visit gardens and conservatories. It’s a thrill to look at the flowers, plants, and trees. I am amazed at the landscape designs and the history of the spaces. I feel relaxed, connected to Mother Nature, and refreshed. It is a delight to observe the connection of nature and humankind, that is, while people create landscaping design, and the up-keep of gardens, they rely on the elements of Mother Nature to bring forth growth, beauty, strength, and overall, life to gardens. That is what Ruth Bancroft did. She dedicated her whole life to landscaping and gardening, and left a legacy and paradise for us to maintain and enjoy. Learn more here.

How I Learned about Ruth Bancroft’s Genius Work

It’s amazing how I learned about Ruth Bancroft–through Martha Stewart’s gardening show–Martha Knows Best. I love watching and listening to home and gardening shows and videos on weekend mornings. Martha did an excellent job of telling about the Ruth Bancroft Garden. So, I visited the website, and was tremendously impressed. The page I read first was Ruth’s Celebration of Life tribute. (To tell the truth, when I come across certain information, I feel like it is a spiritual visitation from the source, if you will. I feel like they stopped by to inspire, to share, uplift, inform, and even educate me. It’s like a Divine spiritual connection). Interestingly, it was the talk about succulent plants that really got my attention because those are plants I envisioned for my little landscaping project for my balcony: Small succulents in planters situated in rocks that are on the ground between the flooring and walls of my balcony. It takes a long time for me to make such decisions. But, I believe this is the green light to do it!

The Tribute to Ruth Video is a “Must See”

Once I finished reading and looking at the video, Tribute to Ruth, I felt a desire to support the work that continues on by giving a donation. (A good way to celebrate Earth Day/Earth Month)! Also, I follow The Ruth Bancroft Garden on Twitter and Instagram. The garden is on many other social mediums too. I support the legacy of Ruth Bancroft because she truly reminds me of the historical connection of womanhood and nature. Also, I love the magical relationship that can develop between womankind and Mother Nature, producing a vision of lush beauty.

I hope April 2021 Earth Day/Earth Month give you the most beautiful and phenomenal experiences ever! Remember, “Live Natural–Be Ageless!”

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