The Secret That I Want Women to Know

During this Women’s Herstory month, I am reminded of a professor in a Women’s Studies course had us to write about what we want women to know. I wrote about defining our own womanhood, versus allowing patriarchy or conventionalism to do it. This year, I write such a letter titled: What I Want Women to Know: The Lotus Secret, as a call and recall of the greatness of womanhood through natural living.

Image of Goddess Ast aka Isis. There dwells within a Goddess who is the Higher Self, and a Goddess who is the lower. We must choose.

I want women to know, or “re-cognize” (you already know subconsciously, but need to summon it to the conscious) and teach their girls–there dwells within a Goddess, which is in fact the Higher Self, aka The Spirit. There is also a Lower Self/Goddess within us. Thus, we have to do what the sacred texts says–Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. This suggestion is put another way by William Shakespeare, To be or not to be, which really is one of the most significant existential questions throughout the lifespan–every moment, second, minute, hour of each day! Am I going to be this or that? Interestingly, I find there is a “lean” or preference towards one self over the other self through natural living.

Natural living, based on intelligence, spirit, and truth helps that lean or preference more towards the Goddess/Higher Self (Goddess HS). It is not our fault for any negative or void nurturing by the women who raised us. They were dealing with their womanhood to the best of their ability due to the take over of patriarchy and dominant male conventionalism in their lives. Interestingly, during girlhood some of us had “subconscious inspiration and nurturing,” in various ways and forms, which I call “saving graces.” This is why there has always been a remnant of females who controlled their girlhood and womanhood and empowered women and girls around them. The point here is–while we had no responsibility and control of nurturing the Goddess HS in girlhood, we do have responsibility and control of nurturing the Goddess/Higher Self in adulthood. It does not mean life will be perfect. It does allow us the best outcomes for living our best life.

As we turn to intelligence, spirit, and truth, beyond common sense, through inculcation, reading, and application, the Goddess/Higher Self becomes dominant. We nurture the Goddess Self by what we learn, read, and do in our daily living. The Goddess remains dominant through natural living. This is the secret, what I am calling the Lotus Secret. Interestingly, some of today’s young adult female “influencers” are leaning towards the Goddess HS, and the Lotus Secret. They are incorporating vegetarian, even vegan, diets, more or less as an eating style. They are focusing on exercise to achieve and maintain their true weight and size. They are recalling and reclaiming the power of Mother Nature. They are doing it to feel better, look better, and do better. They recognize they need positive and high energy to achieve all their life goals and live their best lives.

It is never too early or too late to live your best life. Women’s Herstory month is a great time to learn about other women who are incorporating natural living and the tenents they use to ensure it. Share what you already know and are doing with other women and girls, in your real time every day life, and even on this and other such blogs. Recommend books, influencers, tips, and secrets to advance natural living among women.

Live Natural Be Ageless

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