How to Manifest Intentions You Never Seem to Achieve: Never Give Up!

Why is it that while many of our intentions are manifested, some intentions that we want to experience have not manifested? Interestingly, the mind, housed in the brain, is where determination, imagination, memory, thoughts, feelings, and perception are created and emanated. All of the aforementioned affect what we believe, which is the foundation and impetus for our intentions. What we believe to be true is our deepest, cellular level, thoughts and feelings about what we want to experience and drives us to manifest intentions or not. So, what do you truly feel and think about what you want experience?

As mature women, we have manifested many intentions. However, there are some intentions we want to experience that we have not manifested. Why is that? While there are many variables why intentions have not been achieved, incongruence of believe of what is true and what we want to manifest is the main problem. Thus, in the question: What do I truly feel and think about what I want to manifest, there is the answer/solution: To manifest my intentions, I reprogram how I feel and think. This takes work.

Reprogramming the mindset, belief system, comes from doing the work each day by changing what challenges what we believe to be truth. Throughout our lifespan from infancy to current age our mind has been impacted, relative to truth, for better or worse. At a cellular level , we have believed things that were not true, thus creating an impasse to what we want to achieve or experience. Even to our current age, we still believe things that are not true. It is very complex how the mind accepts untruths. But, to give a simple example, the environment (external people, places, ideas, things) suggest you can’t do something (for any number of reasons). Then, your mind internalizes I can’t do it or do anything, etc. Yet, you continue to try to manifest and attain the feat, to little or no avail. This continuing to try is the mind refusing to believe the external/environmental untruth(s). The mind knows they are untruths, and continues to try to convince the conscious mind. This is evidence of the power of the Subconscious mind, which is half the battle!

The other half of the battle is daily aligning the conscious mind with the subconscious mind by continuing to accept what is true. It will take a combination of work and time to manifest or experience change; thus, we have the formula: Work + Time=Change. We keep doing the work, and over time, one fine day, we will experience our intentions in some form.

Never Give Up!

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