How to Create a Healthier, Wealthier You for 2021 and Beyond!

Did you know that the life-span has expanded so that the mature years are longer than non-mature years? People will be older, rather than younger, for most of their lives! This statement stood out to me in the conversation below in the interview, which is also in the book, Disrupt Aging, by JoAnn Jenkins, who talks about how our ability to live longer, healthier lives is one of the greatest achievements of our society. Yet, it’s not significantly recognized by society, public policy, institutions, businesses in the treatment of the mature population. The author suggests that a major paradigm shift is needed address areas of : Health, wealth, and self of the mature population.

As we leave the year 2020 behind, and move into 2021, I want us to come in strong, with determination to live our best lives. Begin by viewing the video below. After viewing, look to the left and click on the BUY link to purchase the book for yourself and others. Then, visit the Disrupt Aging page to join via social media, share your stories, and get practical ideas.

Ageism is discrimination and prejudice of older people. I call it an unnatural and unfair treatment of seniors that disregards the natural process of the human lifespan, especially the mature and later years. I believe that this is a paramount issue of our time; and, this is how we (all ages of people) can be progressive to make change. Imagine, what it would look like if we disrupt aging and create an age-friendly milieu…We have to do it!

JoAnn Jenkins, author of Disrupt Aging, and CEO of AARP, talks about Ageism.

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