How to Optimize Your Immune System

It makes sense that as we age, our immune system weakens. It’s call immune senescence, whereby a greater susceptibility for infections, viruses, diseases, and cancers are experienced due to an aging immune system. The immune system consists of cells, tissues, and organs that collectively protect the body from invasive organisms, which slows down with age. White blood cells, called T cells and Macrophages, for example, are antibodies that kill antigens. The production of antibodies and their ability to kill antigens decrease with age. Also, the immune system can become intolerant of the body’s own cells, which is called autoimmune disorder.

Optimizing our immune system is very important, especially with the onset of the Corona Virus/COVID-19. According to research, we can make the best use of our immune system as we age. Here are major things we can do now:

We can do it!
  1. Stop smoking! Smoking slows down the immune system faster than normal slow down, and make the body more susceptible to sickness and disease.
  2. Limit alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking lowers white blood cells power to kill antigens. Increase water consumption; stay hydrated with clean water: distilled, filtered, high ph9+.
  3. Exercise/Lose weight. Fat build up can occur in bone marrow, muscle, and liver resulting in inflammation, as we age. I recommend drinking and pouring apple cider vinegar (high grade) over food, to cut out all the fat. Consume healthy fats, though.
  4. Sleep well. Practice good sleep hygiene.
  5. Eat a plant-based diet. Consume more plant foods than animal foods each day. Antioxidants in plants help fight harmful pathogens in the body. Eventually, ween yourself off of animal food products to combat free-radicals, inflammation build up in the body.
  6. Live stress free. Stay away from drama! Interestingly, prolonged psychological stress suppresses the immune system. I recommend relaxing activities, where you actually feel your body, mind, and spirit in a complete calm state.

The four components for keeping your immune system healthy are good nutrition, exercise, breathing, and meditation.

Ann Boroch, N.D. (Deceased: August 1, 2017)

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