Aging Philosophy

We all know that how we live affects how we age. So, the question becomes: How are we living and aging? We want to look youthful and feel energized. But, what does it take to age well and maintain vitality? At 50 and over, we realize that our bodies have naturally changed, present new challenges, have a different feel, look, and even smell. The way we operate, move, and think have changed, too. But, is it all for better or for worse?

I think aging is really about change in our lives and bodies and our response and application to that change. Some women age gracefully than others because throughout their lives, they always had that intimacy, that knowing of their well-being, which flow into their mature years.

Thus, our mature years is the time to get more intimate with our well-being. It’s a way for us to experience our lifespan naturally. For example, our aches, pains, weaknesses, deficiencies, etc are normal changes that signal and call for taking notice and action.

I encourage women to respond to this natural change of aging with natural living and remedies, as much as possible. Research shows that natural living allows for prevention, longevity, and healthier outcomes without side effects.

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